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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Remembering Dad

Dad and Mum, in their garden ten years ago

This rainy cool day would have marked my Dad’s ninetieth birthday. He suddenly passed on almost eight years ago now; how time flies.

An excerpt from the book:

In my youth, Dad envied my footloose travels, my wanderlust. As a loving father, he always wanted me to settle into a cosy routine, into a safe marriage, into a secure career. He was always coming up with new ideas, especially for my fledgling map business and gardening pursuits. I, in turn, envied his flying and gliding exploits; he told me that there is nothing to match the feeling of hearing only the whoosh of the wind when gliding free. I also envied his bravura in taking on challenges and truly getting things done. I took on his passion for gardening, sports, poetry, maps and music, and some of his humanitarian character couldn’t help but rub off on me. 

As I remember him today, his indomitable energy and hearty enthusiasm come back strongly. With my book now published and with positive energy coming back to me in the form of generous response, it is only fitting that I feel confident, energized and overall very positive about the life I am able to lead. Dad was dedicated to the several thousand disadvantaged children he and Mum looked after in their calling as wardens at Little Pond House and operators of Chilton Farmhouse Childrens Holidays. He was dedicated to humanitarianism in many guises, especially those less fortunate that he went out of his way to befriend and care for. I often feel that I was free to do many things he would love to have done – complete my education with study at university, travel extensively, read widely, and make a living from growing food.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for the happy memories.